Cruelty To Animals

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Topic: Cruelty to Animals INTRODUCTION I. Have you ever heard the saying " don't kill harmless animals because it's morally wrong" and "you still shouldn't kill animals if they aren't yours." A. As you can tell in these two quotes they state that animal cruelty is wrong B. In addition, it is against the law.

II. Today I will share with you out of my own common knowledge why animal cruelty should be taken more seriously.

A. For one, these animals most likely did nothing to you.

B. Second, think that they might be part of a family.

C. Third, and most important, they are living and breathing creatures just like us.

BODY I. THEY ARE HARMLESS WHEN LEFT ALONE! A. If you do nothing to bother these animals, they will not bother you.

1. Do not throw things at a dog that is when they chase you.

2. Or if you if you torment them.

B. When being chased run, don't get a brick.

1. Although an easy solution you could kill it.

2. Then just keep running.

II. THEY BELONG TO A FAMILY!! A. Someone owns it therefore loves it.

1. Think if it was a little girl's first puppy 2. How much would they miss him/her B. They would be real angry and sad.

1. Then think of it as taking the life of someone in a family.

2. Only grief can come of it.

III. THESE ANIMALS ARE LIVING CREATURES!!! A. One of the Ten Commandments, THOU SHAL NOT KILL! 1. That's right these animals are just as living as you and me.

2. In addition, it's a sin! B. You're taking a life away.

1. Yep these helpless animals have a right to live just as much as you do.

2. In addition, it can...