The crusade: A form of terror

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The crusade was a campaign of many battles in the name of Christendom that was waged against heretics, pagans and Muslims in general. These crusades were sanctioned by Pope urban II with the aim to resist the entrance of Muslims into the Byzantine Empire initially but later on extended to capturing of Jerusalem and the holy land from Muslims who occupied it at that time. Subsequently, a gruesome series of unholy alliances, sieges, manslaughter came into being which is also known as the crusade.

Although proponents of the crusade disagree that the crusade was not Christ like because they are of the view point that the crusade was a defense against Muslim aggression, who for two centuries concentrated their forces in a struggle against the Christian settlements in Syria (the church ...par 4). Subsequently, the crusaders had to reclaim what was theirs, and they did reclaim the holy land, but it was through violence that left a lot of souls dead.

Christ preached about loving one neighbors as ones self, therefore, this was a wrong doing by the crusaders because instead of loving their neighbors, they killed them. That is total disobedience to the word of Christ.

Proponents also argue that the crusade brought a lot benefits to humanity (Tyerman ,par 18)for example there was a re-establishment of traffic between the East and West, after having been suspended for several centuries. Rare and costly goods which includes, ivory, jade, diamonds, improved glass-manufacturing techniques, early forms of gun powder where discovered, also, new scientific discoveries and inventions including the development of Algebra, optics, and refinement of engineering made their way east or west which was eventually sped the advancement in universities around Europe that led to the renaissance (the activity, spirit, or time of the great revival of art, literature, and...