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The Theme of this movie is based on witch-craft. The story starts when a Group of young girls, particularly one named Abigail, are caught dancing around a fire in the woods by the town preacher, Samuel Parris. In an effort to avoid getting in trouble, the girls begin to tell lies against the townspeople, saying that these people are witches who forced them to dance.

As the hysteria grows in Salem, people begin to question their own neighbors, simply out of spite and vengeance. It is a film that should be seen to view the way people were in the seventeenth century. They were trying to tell you that seeing believes. I leaned a few things from this movie one in particular, that one little lie can lead to a lot of bigger lies that can get people hurt or even killed. The thing that I liked most about this movie was how the girls came up with lies and the other girls just agreed with them.

I liked the part of the movie where the girls start accusing the people of the town of what they did.

My Favorite character in the movie was Reverend Parris because he was the most gullible of them all. Abigail because no one likes her. I think the movies would have looked better in black and white because it is an older movie and it would fit the movie better. I didn't recognize the use of the music in this film. When Betty was sleeping with her eyes open, because it is almost impossible to sleep with your eyes open. Although people in this day in age feel that the Salem witch trials never should have happened, the Puritans felt as though they had good reason to hold them. This is easily shown in the film The Crucible. Their actions were a result of their strong fear, prejudice, ideology, judgments, and the belief in evil and the Devil.

This film is historically accurate in portraying these feelings, as we can look back in history and see parallels relating to these feelings