The Crusible

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A group of girls go dancing in the forest with slave Tituba pleading to the devil to give them the men They want. In especial Abigail wanting Proctor after she had in an affair with him while working in his house a year ago. While dancing in the forest they were caught by Reverend Parris and Betty falls into a coma like manner. In the town rumors begin the girls were doing witch craft but after Abigail having a conversation with Parris admits that they were dancing. Reverend Hale comes in to examine Betty and gets suspicious after interrogating Abigail. After Hale interrogated Tituba she confesses to witchcraft were she starts naming witches and Betty awakes to join her. The town grows mad and curious about the whole thing. The trials begin were many have been accused and Elizabeth is one of them. She was accused by Abigail for having a poppet that Mary Warren her servant had brought home.

Elizabeth is taken to jail for the keeping a poppet in her home. In the court were Proctoris being accused for speaking to the devil he tires to convince the girls are frauds and confesses his affair with Abigail. He pleads for them to let Elizabeth speak the truth about the affair but when she doesn't Proctor is marked to hang. Soon the court learns about Elizabeth's six month pregnancy and will not be hanged at the time.

In the morning before the time comes to hang Proctor, Elizabeth convinces Protor to signs a lie that his speaks to the devil but his pride does not let him. Proctor and other are hanged by sun rise.