Cry the beloved country, treating others by moises Park (me)

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Treating Others

"You get what you give" or in other words "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This is a quote that every human being will agree on, but it is hard to follow it because pride is in the way. In the novel Cry The Beloved Country, blacks and whites do not get along with each other, because backs are considers inferior to the whites in this period of time (1940's). However, there is always hope because not all white people are evil.

The main reason why people can't treat each other well is, pride. Pride means "Pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement, possession, or association: A cause or source of pleasure or satisfaction", which is the reason people can't be kind to each other. For example (bad side), the Korean Culture has a way to call and act on older people, if the person is younger, he must be respectful to the older ones.

However, if the younger one disrespects, the older one who has pride may even beat him up. On the other hand (good side), if the younger and older respect each other, they can give and get the respect they want, but this rarely happens (in Korean schools). Another example is in the book in To Kill A Mocking Bird, which is a book about a black man who is accused, with no evidence, of raping a white girl. The father of the girl was a poor white man, poorly educated, and with pride. He didn't want to lose to a black man, and the fact that it was black the judge was forced to execute the innocent black man, or else the judge could of got hurt.

This novel is about a parson or also called as...