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Cryopreservation should be a considered as an alternative medical process, for future reproduction of children, for men faced with life altering medical conditions. Cryopreservation is defined as the process of preserving embryos, sperm, or oocytes (eggs) by freezing. The process of cryopreservation is non-invasive and causes no harm or danger to the man. Everyday, men are confronted with unexpected life changes causing them to wonder if they will be able to begin a family. Several medical reasons such as vasectomy, treatment of malignant diseases, low concentration or poor sperm motility, and absence or deployments due to their jobs contribute to this process becoming increasingly successful. These medical conditions cause them unnecessary stress and anxiety about their future legacy, that can be easily eliminated. I will explain the process of cryopreservation as well as give supporting facts regarding these medical conditions to support my argument. When you are finished reading this paper you will also agree that in today's society, men should have the right to cryopreservation as an alternative and use of modern technology for preserving their legacy.

First let's talk about why a vasectomy would be a reason to utilize the cryopreservation process. Vasectomy is defined as the process of dividing the vas (tube that delivers the sperm from the testis to the prostate) in order to prevent conception to take place. Men are increasingly using this medical procedure as a form of birth control. However, life is always changing and giving us unexpected choices that we must learn to cope with like new marriages, death of own child, or a new desire to have more children. The process of reversing a vasectomy is expensive and invasive. Complications, such as scar tissue and low sperm concentration, are common and hinder the ability of the sperm to descend properly through...