The Crystal - story with a moral

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The Crystal

When I was a little girl, I was given a beautifully cut crystal that was long shaped and could stand up by itself. The crystal was my childhood treasure. The spectrum of colours it produced made me imagine that it was some kind of magical object that possessed special powers. I placed it on the top of the bookshelf and would play with it after school. My parents were amazed by my fascination of the crystal. What fun was a piece of crystal? Shouldn't she be more interested with her dolls or play sets? I was obsessed with using the crystal to refract light and watch as the rays of sunlight through the gaps between the blinds shine onto the crystal and create a rainbow across one side of my room. I was convinced that it contained magic.

My best friend, Christy, was as delighted by the crystal as I was.

She often begged me to allow her to hold it. Sometimes I did. Often, we'd play "fairies" or our favorite characters in "Sailormoon" and we would use sheets of fabric as our fairy dresses or costumes and put the crystal in a secret hiding spot that only the "fairies" knew where to find. We pretended that the crystal gave us the power to fly and put glitter in our hair to look like the fairies on T.V. We fantasized about lagoons, and fairy palaces. We also talked about the things we did at school and giggled about who our future husbands would be and what our wedding would be like. We had so much fun together playing make believe games.

Christy desperately wanted a crystal just like mine and told me that she had asked her parents for a crystal for Christmas. Christmas came and went...