Cuba and United states.

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Cuba and The United States

Cuba and the United States are two countries in the Northern Hemisphere that are complete opposites. One country as you can guess represents freedom and the other country represents no freedom what so ever. One country allows freedom of speech and freedom and right to protest by the first amendment. The other country you can die for just speaking what you believe in. One country has a great economic system and the other is living in poverty surviving from selling illegal narcotics and other illegal activities.

This country, land of the free, America is a great country led and shaped by many great leaders throughout the past from the 1700's to present date. Government in America is the main factor that is keeping this country held together and bringing people of all ethnicities from all over the world to find a new place to live in.

People come here for freedom, equality, fairness, job opportunities, school opportunities, and most of all a better place to live in. The Government first major action in taking control is on July 5th 1776 Thomas Jefferson and the people of the United States agreed on passing the Constitution. This is the bases of all laws. The United States has 3 parts of their government. The Legislative power (Congress) where is consist of 2 parts the House of Representatives and the Senate. Their job is to make laws and past laws. Then there is the Judicial powers, they translate and dictate all laws. The last is the Executive power; these are the ones that enforce the law. The United States is made up of checks and balances where no one person is in control. This is called a Democracy, led and drafted by the people of the United States. The power lies within the system. The President (Chief in Commander) is the head commander in charge of the Navy and Army of America. Even though this person is in charge to declare war or pass laws the president of the United States will still need to convince the Congress that this is a good idea. All powers does not lie within one person. America is a great country to live in.

Cuba is country just South East off of Florida. There its hard to believe countries so close yet so different. Cuba Is a country fighting. Cuba is a country fighting drug, crime and political power in their own nation. This country is led by Castro a well known infamous dictator. Cuba is a nation led by Communism. Communist dictators can led a country to disaster like Castro himself. Communism is led by one person and that one person is in charge of everything of that country. The total opposite of America. Castro can kill, murder, steal anything he wants. Technically everything belongs to the government, so there is no such thing as stealing. In a Communist society people are demanded many things such as labor for their work and everyone gets paid the same by the government. The people of the country is so scared of their own government people flee to the land of the free risking their lives on small rafts made by rope and wood. If ones country is so destructive that born citizens of your own country flee from fear what is to become of Cuba.