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Cuba, the country where the revolutionary icon Ernesto Che Guevara was created from the Cuban Revolution, was also the country that came minutes from a head to head nuclear showdown with the United States. In October 1962, these two countries did not come weeks, days or even hours close to having the first Nuclear War in World History, but only minutes. The thirteen day head to head showdown was called the Cuban Missile Crises. To understand the Cuban Missile Crises, one needs to understand the complex international relations between the USA and Cuba. At the same time being able to know how, why, and from where did the U.S.S.R come into this. This essay will try to be as straight forward as possible; starting off with a brief introduction to Cuba and an in-depth look into Cuban history, to the Soviet Union role in this, to the crises itself. Giving a detailed knowledge from the beginning of the crises to the end, followed by an analysis of the crises from different view points and lastly but not least, an overall conclusion on everything that is discussed in the essay.

Cuba had its own unique history of American Imperialism, just as many other countries.1 Western Media portraits the Cuban leader Fidel Castro as a dictator and at the same time, many socialists in western nations is moving to this ideology. From a Pro-Castro or Pro-Cuban Revolution point of view, the blame for this is directed to the one sided media reporting in the Western World and American influenced third world countries, it is hard for anyone to really know what the situation in Cuba is today.2 History has an impact on every thing. Hence knowing the history of Cuba could show just why Cuba is at the stage it is today.