Cuban Missile crises:a tragedy

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1)What situation did you select and why?

I selected the Cuban Missile Crisis because I believe that it was a significant part of American history.The Cuban Missile Crisis almost developed into a nuclear confrontation.That is why I chose the Cuban Missile Crisis.

2)Discuss the backround & why the U.S. was interested in it?

The Cuban Missile Crisis was an uprising against America, Castro was elected after his rebels overthrew the current dictator. The Americans did not like Castros' ideas or his methods. Castro in turn had to turn to the then Soviet Union who in 1962 started placing nuclear bombs on Cuba. During the time this was going on, President John Kennedy had sent ships to block the incoming missiles to Cuba. With missiles on Cuba, the U.S. was in great danger. A mere 6 days after installing the ships to block incoming Soviets the Soivets decided to no longer take part.

The U.S. was interested because it could potentially harm our country, eapecially since Cuba is just across the Carribean. That is what the Cuban Missile Crisis was.

3)What were the reasons the U.S. gave forgetting involved publicity & what are their private reasons for getting involved?

The U.S. stated that the United States was in danger if we did not react. The U.S. also said that private treaties among countries with intent to harm should be out in the open and the U.s. always try to save the day. The private reasons for getting involved were that the U.S. wanted to gain better relations with the countries involved without harming others.

4)What were the U.S.'s stated goals and what are your goals here?

The U.S. planned to take down the Castro rule over the Cuban population. They also wanted to be positive that U.S. soil...