The Cuban Missile Crisis and the Arms Race.

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After WWII Russia and the US became embroiled in a bitter arms race that was to last for decades. The primary point of conflict revolved around political ideology - Russia was communist and the US was capitalist.

Communism is an interesting philosophy that has strengths and weaknesses. In a communist society there are many strengths, everything is shared equally, people are treated equally and there is only one class in society. A significant advantage which is always a problem in capitalist countries is crime. Communism results in less crime due to harsher punishments although perpetrators can be punished beyond the extent of the law. Unemployment levels are also low as people are given jobs and while school is compulsory people are better educated. Although there are many strengths of communist societies weaknesses come naturally too such as the non-existence of democracy. People are deprived of their freedom of speech and citizens don't have the privilege of choosing who they want in power as there are no elections.

Consequently people have no say in how the country's run. As a result of the extreme equality inclusive in communism the standard of living is lower and even though there isn't meant to be social classes, there still is.

Capitalism is a fascinating way of life which sets itself apart from communism with its strengths and weaknesses. The advantages of capitalism include political freedom including the right to vote and voice opinions, and a choice in choosing jobs. In a capitalist society, the harder you work the more money you earn and if you can't work for medical reasons, or just can't find a job you still receive government benefits and allowances. There are also many job opportunities such as a promotion. As you would expect there are also are numerous weaknesses in...