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I WANT MY CUBBY BACK!!!!!!! :( :( :( :(Baby why cant things go back to the way it used to be i made a mistake and im aware of that.....i should have listened to my heart not my head your the only man for me and thats how it will always be...i will never be able to go into another relationship and not think of you its almost impossible...your the first thing i think of in the morning and the last thing i fall asleep to....i beet myself (not literally) for leaving you and if i could go back in time id tell my mom to fuck off and let us be....i guess i never really looked at how close my 18th birthday was if we only held on six more months but i was to thickheaded to see that....i thought it would have been better you know less drama and dealing with my parents....but

if anything i made it worse (for myself that is)......i would give my LIFE to get you back!!!! seem like the only one who really made sense to me and the only one who ever cared so much about truly were my life, my love, and my future-----------------------Unfortunately you have gone a different path then I and are starting over...(so we cant be together again:( )......but i truly hope that everything goes well with you and your future relationships.....and your girlfriend sees the same thing that i saw in you and realizes how special you are....also that she doesnt make the same mistake as I did she truly will regret it------------i guess its time for me to move on and let you go no matter how much it will hurt....but i will leave you with this ------------------------------------YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY BESTFRIEND......even if we get into stupid little fights/arguments.......YOU ARE MY CUBBY AND MY FOREVER LOVE!.......and nobody, and i mean nobody will ever change that.......I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!......and thats a promise i know i can keep......AND I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET THE MAN OF MY DREAMS :')....youll always be there--------------------------I LOVE YOU BABY/CUBBY!!!