Cultural Analysis of Australia

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Cultural Analysis of AustraliaExecutive SummaryNaraya is a big brand in Thailand when it comes to fabrics in different variety as bags, hats, dolls, kitchen products etc. Naraya was establish in 1989 and has now shops in 10 different countries as China, Hungary, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Italy, Switzerland, France and Guam but not yet in Australia.

Australia's original population, aborigines come to the island in more than 50.000- 60.000 years ago. The first European who had contact with Australia was a Dutch in 1606. In 1770 an Englishman named James Cook come to Australia and claimed the country fir the British crown and after that they used Australia as a punishment colony and shipped prisoners to the island.

Australia's land area is the sixth largest nation after Russia, Canada, China, USA, and Brazil. Australia has extremes of climate and different climates for different places. They have among other things snowfields and desert.

Australia consists of six states and two territories and the mainland mass are nearly 77 million square kilometers and it's the flattest continent in the world.

The social situation in Australia is that the average family has between two or three children but it is an increasing number of single parent's families, about 40 percent of families now consist as a couple. When it comes to education Australia follows a three-tier model which includes primary school, secondary education and tertiary education (university).

The most common religion in Australia is Christian 70.28 %, although it is a highly secularized society. There is no state religion but the Australians has a general belief that the world, men, animals and plants were created by a certain supernatural being that afterwards disappeared, either sending to the sky or entering the earth.

Australia's official language is English after being a British colony.

I.IntroductionNaraya is...