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My African American Cultural Background

SOC/100 Introduction to Sociology


My African American Cultural Background

Culture refers to the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group that give such culture meaning. There are many differences and similarities among the various cultures. Therefore, ones culture background is inclusive of every facet of an individual's life. This culture directs people's actions and attitudes toward several things. Through culture our attitude, actions, and thoughts are formed.

In addition, it is my perception that my culture background consists of five elements; values, belief systems and culture norms, historical artifacts and religion. My values consist of ideas are deep rooted of what is important in my life. This has guided me toward what is deviant behavior and what is acceptable. My belief system is a set of precepts from which I live my daily life, those which govern my thoughts, words, and actions.

My cultural norms are expectations of how people behave in certain situations among individuals that share my background. Not only are there historical artifacts, my families have collected personal and family artifacts and from our Negro Spiritual Songs to songs of to jubilee define my culture as a strong group of people.

My parents were raised during an era of racism and civil rights and still today are topics during dinner time. Born in the mid 60s better known as the counterculture era, my parents instilled the value of inclusion, tolerance, and respect for everyone. Family, faith, loyalty, integrity honesty, fairness, equality, responsibility, accountability and discipline are just of few of the never ending values that my parents instilled in my brother and me. However, what I have learned from their stories, childhood and life experiences have shaped my own...