Cultural Comparison: Law And Order

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Cultural Comparison Essay Law and Order In the United States police are suppose to be honorable and fair. We all know not all of them are. In Malaysia, according to Daphne Chan, you can bribe the police to let you off. "All you have to do is ask "˜do you want to settle this now?'" she said. In Pakistan, on the other hand, they don't even have minor violations like speeding and seat belt laws. Mohammad Haider said, "You can usually get off even if you are drinking and driving." This may sound pretty lenient compared to the United States where you can get in more trouble for trying to bribe an officer, if he isn't crooked, and lose you license for six months for drinking and driving.

In Malaysia the police will stop every car on Friday and Saturday nights just to check to be sure you are legal and not drinking and driving.

They have speed traps but like I said before you can usually bribe your way out of a fine. If you get caught dealing drugs you may get executed. Abortion is illegal but is still done. Daphne said that Malaysia is a lot like the U.S. when it comes to crime.

In Pakistan there is no speed limit, or seat belt law. It is easy to get a driver's license as long as you are 18. Mohammad also said you may get beat up for being a bad driver by other motorists. If you hit someone when you are drunk you may get away with it. If you don't get away with it you will spend a little time in jail. There are some executions in Pakistan, but you are more likely to spend life in prison. Abortion is illegal, like Malaysia. Guns are legal...