Cultural Diversity and how it Affects Teams.

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Building a high performance team with diversity can be a challenge. Diversity in teams can bring interpersonal conflict to a team. Cultural diversity can also improve the end result of a team's mission. I will examine multiple aspects of groups and teams, and the issues and benefits of a heterogeous team.

A group is a two or more people working with each other consistently to attain common goals. Individuals in the group are dependant on each other to advance toward the common goal within a certain allotted period. A group working in a potato chip factory might have a time period of a day to achieve the goal of 10 tons of potato chips. While a group working to merge to large banks might have six months or a year to finalize the merger of the banks.

An effective group achieves high levels of performance. Quality, quantity, and timeliness, are the key measuring factors in a group performance.

Synergy in a group is an essential element to providing the performance required. When a group becomes more productive then the individual members would be alone a group is truly effective.

Issues can arise within a group setting. Individual members can become social loafers, this is when individuals in a group do not work as hard as when they are acting independently. The individual relies on the effort of the team to improve their overall performance realizing that that their individual contribution is not as noticeable in a group situation. Disruptive behaviors are issues that can occur on all teams avoiding and controlling the following behaviors is essential to being an effective team leader; being overly aggressive towards other members, withdrawing and refusing to cooperate with others, horsing around when there is work to be done, using the group as a forum...