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For having a successful integration this process should occur in a two-way manner. Sometimes integration does take place in a one-way process but the results are always known. One of the very important factors affecting successful integration is the anti-hejab law. From the Islamic point of view the hejab is made for concealing the attractive parts of a woman's body and controlling the sex-appeal in a society. Islam identifies men and women on their reality on how they possess attraction for each other. This is very important to recognize the factual basis of humanity and how weak some people are! "In the Islamic hejab culture one can easily find the elements of realism, kindness, truth and perfection" (Beauty of Concealment).

Since the September 11 happenings Muslim communities have been viewed with suspicion and mistrust (IHF). The number of Muslims in foreign countries having been growing vastly for the past few years.

In the EU alone Muslims constitute around 3-4 percent of all residents. The highest number of Muslims can be found in France and they are around 4-5 million. Intolerance and discrimination against Muslims was actually practiced in the EU. Now it has very much decreased and Islam has been recognized widely there. In Austria and Belgium, Islam has been officially accepted and Muslims are allowed to receive instruction in their religion in public schools. In Spain, Greece, Germany and Italy, Muslims are given at least special protection rights.

"Hejab in a society has its roots in the culture of that society, a culture comprising the manner of apprehension and the type of views of the society about man and life... In the Islamic hejab culture, a human being occupies an honorable and dignified position in whose body, made of clay, God has breathed His soul, and therefore he possesses...