Cultural Identity Interview and Analysis

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Analysis 1

Culture Analysis


Introduction to World Cultures

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Analysis 2


Cultural Identity Interview and Analysis

Cultural identity is the identity of a group relating to a particular culture or civilization, or of how a person is subjective by her/his belonging to a group or culture. This report will describe my interviewee's firsthand experiences, as they relate to intercultural communication and cultural identity.

Analysis 3

The Interview

Ronald Tilley was born on February 20, 1983, in Ontario, Canada. He currently lives in Erie County, Buffalo, NY. He lives in a predominately African-American neighborhood and says he identifies more with African-American culture. He is a bi-racial, His mother is African-Canadian, and his father is an Italian-American. Ronald has one daughter who lives in Canada with her mother, whom he visits regularly. Ronald is an assistant Chef, and has been living here in the United States for a little over 1 year.

When Ronald was asked, "Being Bi-Racial, what culture do you identify more with? He answered, "I was raised by my mother (African-Canadian), and I was very young when my father passed away. I don't really know his side of the family too well, so yeah, I can say I identify more with my African heritage. I never had any relations with my Italian heritage, my mother never made me feel I was different. I always raised as being black.

I believe common individuality and thoughts may be clear indicators of a shared cultural identity but in essence, it is determined by difference. Such as, if we feel we fit into a group, if a group classifies itself as a group, by noticing and highlighting differences with other groups and cultures or if their culture defines itself in relation, or conflict to...