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Connection: Critical Thinking and Transgender

They say, "You can take a boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy" this is true about everyone. Gary Colombo, author of the Preface to Rereading America "Thinking Critically: …", and Julia Serano, author of "Before and After: …" believe that people should not let culture rule their lives, but to think critically; however Serano's culture still determines how she thinks.

You can take a person out of their culture but you cannot take the culture out of the person. We live through our culture because we give it so much power that it is almost impossible to hide. Colombo states that "Culture shapes the way we think; it tells us what 'makes sense'" (3). From childhood, we are taught how to think and feel about certain circumstances. Culture shapes the way people perceive things, as well as the people act do to things that do not fit into the "cultural mold" that has been made.

Serano claims, "Rather like our attitudes about beauty and attraction, these prejudices are practically invisible to us, as they are woven into our social fabric" (395). Because of this, people follow the thread of their "social fabric" and try not to stray from what they have already had "woven" into them.

Culture is absorbed throughout people's lives like dye on the "social fabric" of their lives; it makes them who they will always be for the rest of their lives. Colombo and Serano see how cultural myths seep into people's lives like dye to cloth. Colombo shows this by saying "Cultural myths gain such enormous power over us by insinuating themselves into our thinking before we're aware of them. Most are learned at a deep, even unconscious level" (4). In...