Cultural Myths and Ideologies

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Cultural Myths and Ideologies

In the documentaries Kings of England by Terry Jones and Killing Us Softly by Jean Kilbourne one can come to the conclusion that they share very similar ideas talking about the views of others. The documentaries messages are about an ideal society where everyone is forced to conform to the norm, where the weak never prosper, and where in the society not everything one hears is ultimately true. In this essay I will focus on three main arguments: the conformation on a society's view, the manipulation of the weak and the deceptions some are encountered with. I will also talk about the presented ideologies, the messages about dangers of cultural myths and how the implications of these dangers in the modern world are depicted in the documentaries.

For instance, both of the documentaries focus on the conformation on a society's view.

They present a superior individual that imposes a social view, whether it is the King or the media. The majority is subjected to the norms and is forced to act a certain way or punishments are made. For example, in Kings of England the influence of the king, his actions and the power of his words are used to overrule the population. The general population is forced to believe in his beliefs, to not question his actions and to act only in an approved manner. Not complying with the king's imposed rules and standards, raising one's voice or questioning the ruling powers will result in a severe punishment. In Killing Us Softly the minority is represented by the media who places standard images in people's heads with a goal to send a message that people should look a certain way in order to be accepted by society.