Cultural Self-Analysis

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Cultural Self Analysis 2/9/2014

HMS 220

I identify with a White Northern European background mixed with some Native American and Irish, I think. I identify as White since my family doesn't identify with any other culture than this. Personally I am sad that I do not know truly what culture I descend from because my family is so mixed up and uneducated. I feel I have lost a lot in that.

My family is very Christian, Southern Baptist to be more precise. No other religious values were considered or taught to us because, if "you didn't obey the good book then you were going to Hell" is the sort of thinking my family has.

I consider myself to be of the Catholic faith, which really pisses my family off. I have taken several religious classes since I have started college and I have drawn the conclusion that no matter what religious sect you are in as long as you are a good person and treat others the way you want to be treated, then you will be okay.

I am female. Females are supposed to be girly and take care of the household. But if you do not get out and help the men too, then you are considered lazy. There is an undercurrent of sexism within the family.

Marriage is male-female only and children are not to be raised out of wedlock although that last one has loosened with the changing times. Adoption is okay. Childrearing used to be a mix of corporal punishment and grounding, but since the great-grandparents have passed the parents have become looser. Where it used to be figure things out on your own, even if you are in over your head, now everyone pulls together and takes the lost ones in to help out.