Cultural teaching in the context of traditional school learning.

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Teachers in China have always been expected to "Educate the souls". This, in fact, is a humanistic thought. Nowadays, to strengthen humanistic education and to improve learner's qualities and personalities have become a common aim in education in China. The author thinks that foreign culture will open the door of a new world for learners and if a teacher makes good use of this resource, he (she) can evoke unbelievable change in learners and help learners grow. And it will benefit learners for the rest of their life. This guiding thought runs through the whole paper of the present author.

So this dissertation is focused on three points: the objective examination of traditional culture of learning in China and its possible negative influence on cultural teaching, an empowerment-oriented mode of cultural teaching, and her idea of three-level dialogic pedagogy.

The whole dissertation will be divided into four parts. Introduction looks back on the research work in the cultural teaching field both in the west and in China, and the present author's general idea of her dissertation.

Part I talks over traditional culture of learning in China that has been shaped by Confucianism, and a knowledge-oriented mode which stems from it. Part II examines the limitations of knowledge-oriented mode from different angles. Part III presents an empowerment-oriented mode. Part IV concludes the whole dissertation briefly. The empowerment-oriented mode and the multi-level dialogic framework challenge the knowledge-oriented mode by laying its emphasis on the affective and psychological aspects of learners. In the process of cultural teaching and learning, the teacher should try to help learners become complete and integrated persons.

â… .Knowledge-oriented Mode

A. The teaching of culture and the culture of learning

Theoretically speaking, the interdependent and interactive nature of the relationship between culture and language makes it inevitable that the...