Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper

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Cultural values are the values and beliefs that society believes are important to the success of the general public. The rules and structure we are raised with shape the beliefs and values that create one's personal values. As societies differ, so do their cultural values. Values also change depending on whether we are discussing one's personal values, organizational values, or cultural principles. When one's personal values clash with the organizational values an ethical dilemma occurs. When comparing similarities and differences it is important to keep in mind that many factors influence one's own belief system.

Personal Values

Growing up in a conservative Christian home can lead in two different directions. Either becoming a conservative adult or rebelling on that upbringing and becoming very liberal. The 'anything goes' mentality of the United States enables us to rebel against the more traditional social values of many other countries. Church, parents, socioeconomic upbringing all play a significant roll in determining one's personal values.

The little girl that is raised by a single mother may have a different set of values than the little girl that is raised in the country by her stay-at-home mother and working father. First generation Americans value different traits than those that have lived in America for generations. Personal beliefs shape personal values.

Organizational Values

As adults enter the working world, the organizational ethics and values can be challenging. Most people will experience internal conflict between what the company's code of business conduct or other rules state versus what you think the correct response should be. At Safeway, there is a written code of conduct as well as an unwritten very conservative culture within the company. What a manager does and how he or she acts is a better indication of the corporate culture than what is said. Observation...