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Culture is essential to human survival, us as homo sapiens rely on culture to pass learned knowledge on from one another, and from one generation to the next. Without culture every individual would be forced to discover everything in life on their own, such as, how to gather food, how to cook, or how to keep their body warm, which is simply impossible. Culture is an extremely important aspect of human life. When being introduced to a new culture, in a town, or facility, and individual must find a way to understand the culture before they are able to learn it. Clarifying this concept can be made easy by using an example for instance, starting at a new school. When I first began at Grande Prairie Regional College, I was faced by a whole new institutional culture. Many aspects of the college, the space, time, and people all contribute to the culture created within the institution.

In the college the space is divided into small classrooms which are used to teach approximately twenty to fourty students different subjects. Connecting all the classrooms together are hallways, allowing students to travel freely from one classroom to the next. GPRC consists of four different levels, to reach each of these floors one can either climb the staircases connecting each level, or ride the elevator, which stops on each of the floors. The institution is also divided into sixteen faculty wings, categorized in alphabetical order from A to M. There is one designated room specially set aside for smokers to use at their leisure, and a lounge which permits consumption of alcohol after 2:30 pm every afternoon for students eighteen years of age and older. On the fourth floor of the building one will find most instructors? personal offices. This is where...