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If you were visiting and studying the Yanomamo, describe what you would have done to prepare yourself for possible culture shock.

The first thing on any to do list when visiting a new place is to study up on their culture and ways of life. When you know what to expect there will be less of a shock when you get there. Studying a group’s way of life cannot only help with the shock it can also help with the understandings of everyday life for them. A person can be better prepared when he knows exactly what to expect.

o Describe a personal experience you have had where you experienced cultureshock. What components of culture were you shocked by?I once went to a friend’s house where there were a big group of people just sitting around talking. They were having an everyday dinner but there were over 15 people there.

I had asked if it was a family dinner and my friend said no this is a tradition where we invite everyone for dinner on Saturdays. I was amazed they were from all walks of life, they got along wonderfully, and people were dancing and having an exceptional time. My friend’s family is from Mexico, they have passed down their traditions. I think it is still a little hard to understand how different people (some strangers) can get along in this setting but once outside fight like cats and dogs.

o Explain how understanding the major components of culture is important in asituation such as the one you or Napoleon Chagnon experienced.

They are important because without them it would be difficult to function in a culture different from your own. When we review the major components of another person’s culture we can learn before visiting the place and...