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Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people. It contains the all their activities, language they speak, the religion they follow, social habits, music and even the cuisine the dishes they make. Some others gave so many definitions for the word culture; some say it's the communication, like the coin culture and communication are the two faces of the same coin. (1) During the human history we have seen stories about many cultures around the world; we have witness the rise and flourish of cultures in Europe or the Middle East. The most interesting and old culture was the Islamic culture. Through ages ago the cultures had impact and affected each other. There were reasons made the impossible meeting happen. The first impact between Europe and Islamic culture started with European explorers and traders traveling along the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. Traders brought their own cultural habits and they introduced it to Muslims people, the Muslims in return gave some of their own culture too.


There were many things traders took with from the Islamic culture, each exchanged parts from their own culture. After trading came conquests as another way of culture impact. The European ambitions caused dreams of invading those areas and control it, take advantage of their culture. Translation and education were some of the elements that led to the impact between the Islamic and European culture. The Muslim took books about theories in Medical and literature from older culture like Greece, they translated it into Arabic. The translation opened the door from books to Muslim to know and maybe learn from the other cultures, in some cases improve or edit on the theories and experiments they learned in Medical or Chemistry as an example. The flourish of Islamic culture in Medical came...