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Everything revolves around culture in a society. Culture hold so many traits, backgrounds, styles, everything that a society basis their way of life on. So if a societies culture is understood then that unlocks the door to understanding how a society works and how it functions. Ethnocentric is another big step in the study of sociology. It gives a brief impression on different cultures. Sometimes its bad because its judgmental on others but it's also a quick understand on how that culture works and is. One way that I am judgmental is the way a person dresses. If I see a person wearing nice cloths all the time and always looks good then I think their rich or has money. If I see someone wearing worn beat up cloths then I assume that their not wealthy, dirty, and doesn't like to take care of them selves. This judgment of others is bad because I know from experience.

I wear nice cloths and try to look good all the time but I am not rich or that wealthy. I know kids from my high school who wear worn, beat up cloths that are really rich, and they wear those cloths because that's their style of living. It could be their culture in a sense but they are just being them selves. With out the study of sociology many people wouldn't know where to begin in how to understand how a society works. The examining of how the culture works and functions helps us to get a feel of how the different cultures relate to each and every one's society. Through this study we get a whole new view on how the world is oriented on culture and how every society acts.