Culture of America and The British Islands

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1.Explain the terms: the British Isles, the British Islands, Great Britain, the United Kingdom

The British isles - archipelago consisting of over6,600 islands - geographical concept

The British Islands - all states in the British Isles with the British monarch as head of state

Great Britain - the name of the largest island or historical/cultural concept

United Kingdom - the official name of one of countries in the British Isles

2.Name the present-day political entities in the British Isles?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Eire(the Republic of Ireland)

The Isle of Man

The Channel Islands(Bailiwick of Jersey, Bailiwick of Guernsey)

3.Name three devolved parliamentary assemblies in the United Kingdom

Welsh Assembly in Cardiff(Wales)

Northern Ireland Assembly(Stormont) in Belfast

Scottish National Parliament (Holyrood) in Edinburgh

4.What are the patron saints and official plant symbols of the four home nations of the UK?

England - St.

George - Tudor rose

Ireland - St.Patrick - shamrock

Scotland - St.Andrew - Scottish thistle

Wales - St.Davis - leek and daffodil

5.Describe the Royal Coat of Arms

The Royal coat of arms of the united kingdom-the official emblem of the UK

-historical composition with different elements added at different times by different monarchs

-a personal coat of arms of Queen Elizabeth II


-Shield-three lions passant guardant of England, lion rampant of Scotland, harp for Northern Ireland

-Supporting Beasts-Crowned lion(England),Chained unicorn(Scotland)

-Dieu et mon droit(God and my right)-motto of British monarchs;added by Richard I Lionheart

6.Discuss the composition of the Union Jack

The cross of Saint George-the national flag of England

The cross of Saint Andrew-the national flag of Scotland

The cross of Saint Patrick-a historical flag of Ireland

1.Name 5 sources of the British Constitution.

-Statue law - Acts...