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Name: Sasawat Nutchanet

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October 3, 2011

Materialism in modern world

In the past, Materialism is the idea of natural philosopher who believes in material world. They think that nothing can come from nothing1. This concept began from atom theory of Democritus but today materialism has changed from the past. These days the form of materialism has related to a desire to obtain material thing or the need to maintain thing and I think that this form of materialism still has various effects in the modern world.

How materialism has affects on the westerner and people around the world?

I think the effects of materialism are only negative. First of all, they have caused many effects on the lives of people. The causes of materialism were divided people into two classes, those who are rich and those who are not. The richer won't have relationship with the poorer people.

Their relationship between them based only on wealth and properties. It called the class-divided societies-the arrangements of groups in society.

As you can see the class-divided society's belief has implied in the certain films. Such as, "Means girls". The story is totally based on the American culture and behavior of the American teenagers who have a materialistic attitudes that make they keep their relationship only with high class friend and judging others by their wealth. This Story shows the society dominated by materialism and a class-divided still exist in our social life.

1 Gaarder, Jostein, Sophie's World: a Novel about the History of Philosophy, p.33

Second, the effect of living in material society more than a class-divided is that the moral values of people is declining little by little because of human morality that is controlled by materialistic attitudes. It depends on personal self-satisfaction...