Culture and Society paper on Mexican Culture

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Culture and Society

November 30, 2004

Mexican Culture

The group that I am studying is the Mexican culture; it is a much diversified culture. In the paper that follows I will write about one holiday that the Mexican people celebrate, and to touch base with family life in Mexico. The reason why I have come to study this group is because, Nancy Baca, a Mexican woman that is living here in America. I was interested in the Mexican families, and a holiday that the Mexican people celebrate, the questions that I asked her was "How is the Mexican culture different for the American Culture? What makes us so different form them? What type of holiday is celebrated and how is it celebrated?"

The methods used to gather the information were personal interviews, and participant observation. The interviews were very informal, I have known her for about a year, and although normally a very reserved and shy person she had no problem opening up to me and telling about her culture.

When planning on turning this paper in I tend to let her read this, for the simple reason being that it is not my culture that I am writing about it is hers and I would like for it to be the truth and not my words. I want her to feel comfortable in talking to me, and to feel comfortable with the American people. The personal observation is when I attended a local dance that I had been invited to. My secondary data are books and the internet. The person that I had studied is a very happy person willing to help anyone in need, about nineteen years old, female, with the socio-economic class in Mexico as poor. The biggest fear that I had was her shyness of...