Culture Of Burma Versus Cayman Islands

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Burma and the Cayman Islands are both countries that enjoy warm weather most of the year. This affects clothing and occupation the most. Both countries wear light clothing and sandals for the better part of the year. Burma and the Cayman islands are both involved in warm weather occupations such as farming and fishing. Rice and vegetables are commonly eaten in both countries. People are of mixed races in both countries. Family unites usually consist of the parents and the children, which is generally only two, in each of the countries. Men and women can vote and serve in the military in Burma as well as the Cayman Islands.

Burma and the Cayman Islands are very culturally diverse countries. Burmese people area Indian and Asian. Caymanians are black and white mixed with a Jamaican background. Most Burmese people are poor farmers while most Caymanians are prosperous business people. Burmese people eat what is cheap and readily available, and Cayman people can eat whatever they want since most of them enjoy a steady income.

Burmese people still wear traditional dress most of the time. Cayman people wear much more western dress. The people of Burma live in small, unsanitary houses, and are usually not exposed to much technology. Caymanians enjoy large houses, if their income allows, and any technology is readily available. The Burmese economy is slow while the Cayman economy is very well paced. Any type of transportation is available in the Cayman Islands, but in Burma walking is the most common for of transportation. The Burmese government is a military regime and the Caymanian government is unicameral. Buddhism is the common religion of Burma while many different protestant religions are practiced in the Cayman Islands. Women are still considered inferior to a certain extent in Burma, but women are opinionated and considered equal in the Cayman Islands. The life expectancy is about twenty years longer for people who live in the Cayman Islands as compared to the Burmese people due to better living conditions.

The two countries are so different that I have a hard time imagining them ever being able to communicate effectively or appreciate each other. Burma is so backward while the Cayman Islands is a completely Westernized and civilized country. The quality of life in the Cayman Islands is almost better than the United States in some ways since their income is so much greater by average. The quality of life in Burma is very low and unimportant. The infant mortality rate is high as well as the death rate due to diseases such as AIDS and the HIV virus. Burma still has a long way to go to improve itself in many ways.

Culture does affect everything we do and every interaction that we have. Culture affects large things such as clothing and housing, but also small things such as slang and posture. A well-developed country will have the choice of dress, while a less developed country will be limited to what is available or affordable to the people. A poor country will pack many people into small, unsanitary houses, but a more prosperous country will have larger houses owned by families or individuals. Slang and posture are affected by different religions and ethnic groups in the country itself and by regional divisions.

Culture not only affects what we do but also how we do it. In the Burmese culture it is considered rude not to remove one's shoes before entering a house, but in most other cultures it is unnecessary to do this and is thought to be strange. Hand shaking is the common way to greet others in the United States, but bowing is common is some Asian countries. Some countries eat meals on separate plates, while some all eat off the same common plate. Culture even affects how the people of the country stay healthy. Underdeveloped countries never have to worry about exercise because manual labor and walking for transportation is common, but other countries need to plan workouts because their lives are much more at ease because of technological jobs and motorized transportation availability.

Culture affects interactions between people by the language or dialect that they speak. In some countries it is important which person is allowed to speak first. In some Asian countries it is important to listen to what the eldest person has to say first. Other interactions such as dancing are also affected. I t is considered to be un ethical for men and women to dance together in some countries, while in others it is perfectly fine.

Culture is emanated from people in more ways than they are aware. Most people can look at some one and tell where he or she is from. We might not be able to tell exactly which country, but we can tell when they come from a culture different from ours just by outward appearance and the way they carry themselves. Culture affects everything about a person inside as well as out.