Culture Jamming.

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Culture Jamming is defined as "Recognising and opposing all the ways in which advanced capitalism shapes how we act, think, dress, work, play and consume. Nearly every aspect of our lives has been altered by the logic of capital and culture jamming/cultural resistance is the act of confronting this hegemonic and soulless system by turning it's own aesthetic and mimetic tools against it".

Telstra's logo used to be "Making Life Easy" and I believe it should be changed to "Easy Life! Not with Telstra". Telstra are a big company with high demands yet they still seem to stuff things up. I believe that my new advert, Jams Culture by highlighting that Telstra creates more problems than a need for services than fails to supply.

A big company like Telstra often offers accurate speedy internet service yet their service is often slow and often the crew they send out to set up your software don't even know what they are doing, they have just been contracted from a different company to do the job.

Half the time you have to call them again to get them to send somebody out to fix the problem the previous contractor caused.

Look at their mobile connections I find the reception to be of a poor quality and sometimes you never get service in areas you would normally get service. Mobile phones are a big part of today's society for business or personal reasons and strongly promoted by Telstra. Businessmen often rely on their mobile phones to do all their business and yet how can they if they can't hear the person they are speaking to or often get cut off from the person.

Teenagers today all have mobile phones as it is cool and the phone companies advertise it as such.