Culture in Management System

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"Culture" plays a role in a management system and business. I found a comparison that I think sums up what best shows how I perceive "culture "in business.

Establishing the correct and appropriate corporate culture is an essential process of managing an organization.

Managers have to establish a beneficial corporate culture to run all the way through a business, with clear values and beliefs, successful business principles and operations, and a suitable emphasis on human resources and customer satisfaction. Here is how I believe culture plays a role in a team envronment. Team dynamics has and always will play a large role in business and the culture that surrounds it. A myriad of different personalities and skill levels can continually change the dynamics of any academic, business or sports team; synergy and motivation levels fluctuate based on the various team member roles and participation.

The working relationships among the members of a team not only can affect the productivity but also the performance of any group. Each person's role contributes to the overall success or failure of the team dynamics within every organization. When dealing with team environments, the personality of the group and those of individuals are determinants in whether the group will succeed or fail at its goals and endeavors. Within each group, there is the potential for each of the members to have significantly different strengths and weaknesses that are essential for an effective team. It's not uncommon for team members to range from the overly participative and dominant, to the shy and quiet introverted type. It's also good to remember that different people can contribute differently. Three common roles within an academic or business setting are: Leadership, Mediator and Introvert.

Three of the known types of leadership...