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Cultural Competences

Adrian Rivers

University of Phoenix


Cultural Competences Paper

What is culture? Culture can be defined as "beliefs, customs, and arts of a particular group of individuals" ("Culture - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary"). Culture for most is a way of life and what is seen as norms within that group. Everyone has some type of cultural background and as human services professional it is important to recognize an individuals culture.

Cultural competence in the field is important for human service professionals to understand the populations that they work with. By being aware of the culture one readily identifies with the professional can better understand the client's processes and how to approach the sessions. Cultural identity is very important to the progression of the relationship between the client and the professional. The professional can go about it in a couple of different ways.

One way is to let the client start that conversation when they feel comfortable. Another way is the professional can bring it up. This way requires the professional to be aware of the client. Another way in, which the professional can start the conversation of culture is through activities that give the client to process through an activity and the professional time to discuss cultural norms with the client.

ï€ Clients have a unique culture which includes not just there racial background and heritage, but more complex areas such as religion, gender norms, environment factors, etc. A professional has to be aware of racism, immigration issues, poverty and powerlessness each of these issues leave long lasting scars in which leave long lasting affects on a individual ("Cross-Cultural Competencies and Objectives"). A professional also needs to be aware of the family dynamic of the...