Culture in a Work Environment

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Midterm Exam - 808

1) Culture is defined as a system of shared values and norms. While being a neutral term, culture is comprehensive, as well as consistent when portrayed at an organization. It is perpetuated over time by playing a crucial role in continuing specific behaviors and attitude. When an organization successfully implements evident norms and values, an environment is created that even outsiders are able to identify. According to Chatman's article, "Organizational culture can be a powerful force that clarifies what's important and coordinates members' efforts without the costs and inefficiencies of close supervision" (Chatman 31). When a given organization illustrates strong culture, it becomes common to see high performance levels, a boost in their energy, directly relaying back to the higher ideals and values rallying amongst them. The active management of culture involves three ways in which an organization can maintain and uphold certain standards amongst their employees.

This procedure consists of recruiting, training, and a rewards system. An example of this, would be implementing the similarity-attraction effect that ultimately concludes "we are attracted to people that are similar to us", continue to carry a culture that is portrayed at an organization. When a person has thoroughly understood, and acquired the intensity of how important values and norms are at an organization, it is considered socialization. While participating as an organization member, they are able to pick up habits that are perpetuated over long periods of time, allowing it to uphold the standards that have been created. An outsider's perspective towards an organization's culture could render feedback through observation as simple as walking into the building. For example, culture at a hospital could be identified from a patient's point of view by hearing the doctors speak to the nurses and other doctors using medical terminology that...