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Everyone has a different culture in which they come from. Culture may depend on the state or country that you live. This one word means so many things in terms of how we live. The birthday parties you attend and how the party is setup all is due to what culture re you were raised in. The age of adult hood is different in several areas. People's religion and their beliefs on what things mean and stand for. These all deal with what culture you live in. We grow in these different cultures and teach are children these values and beliefs. In China, the families are very close they not only incorporate nuclear, and extended family values. They work with their families closely together. Most Chinese and other countries tend to be closer in everyday life. Where as Americans are tend live and work farther away from each other.

In their own way they are close just not the same values and beliefs. Culture also brings up the different languages. Most countries have their own languages. The way they speak is a part of there culture. These languages are passed down children. Race plays a part in the differences in languages. Sling is a big part of culture. The world is composed of many different beliefs and values, which are handed down through the years. This has be a part of our society since before time even began. Even Indians have their own values and traditions. Before are society as we know today was even established these cultures were evolving into what they are today