When Cultures Collide - The Challenges of Global Integration

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(promotion strategies)


22. Introduction �

33. International Communication Decisions �

33.1. International Communication Process �

33.1.1. Seller/Buyer Initiative Shift �

33.1.2. Elements of Internatonal Communication Process �

33.1.3. Communication Barriers �

83.2. Communication Tools �

83.2.1. One-way Communication Tools �

143.2.2. Two-way Communication Tools �

173.2.3. Online Communication Tools �

204. Kaynakça �



Communication is the final decision to be made about the global marketing programme. The role of communication in global marketing is similar to that in domestic operations: to communicate with customers so as to provide information that buyer need to make purchasing decisions. Although the communication mix carries information of interest to the customer, in the end of it is designed to persuade the customer to buy a product at present or in the future.

To communicate with and influence the customers several tools are available. Advertising is usually the most visible component of the promotion mix, but personal selling, exhibitions, sales promotions, publicity and direct marketing.

One important consideration is whether to standardize worldwide or to adapt the promotion mix to the environment of each country.

International Communication Decisions

International Communication Process

In considering the communication process we normally think about a manufacturer (sender) transmitting a message through any form of media to an identifiable target segment audience. Here the seller is the initiator of the communication process. However, if the seller and the buyer have already established a relationship it is likely that the initiative in the communication in the communication process will come from the buyer. If the buyer has a positive post-purchase experience with a given offering in one period of time this may dispose the buyer to rebuy on later occasions: that is, take initiatives in the form of making enquiries or placing orders.

Seller/Buyer Initiative...