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Name: Jurian Hansen EN 110-12 Wiley Woslow Date: 19-02-2014

Center of Curadise

Willemstad, Curaçao is the capital of my beautiful island called Curaçao also known as Curadise because Curaçao is a colorful paradise. Curaçao is located in the heart of the Caribbean. This small but precious island has a colorful center where you will find all sorts of people from all kind of generations, age, skin color, etc. Willemstad is the center of Curaçao that is split in two beautiful parts by a back and forward swinging bridge; on the left side they call it Punda and on the other side they call it Otrobanda.

Otrobanda means in our language "the other side". Now a day's teenager's hangout in Willemstad on Friday nights to open up their weekends from a hard and long week of school. Mostly whole Willemstad is crowded with people but on Friday nights it's more a teenage night out.

They go sit in front of a store called Starbucks where they will buy delicious fruit smoothies and enjoy the free Wi-Fi. Also the teenagers will hang out at the food stores located on Brionplein.

Brionplein is named after a great name for Curaçao history: Pedro Luis Brion; Plein is the Dutch word for a big empty place. Brionplein is surrounded by stores of all kinds; it's great for shopping, dining, dating, or even going out with the family. The elderly love to go to the casinos on Brionplein, and there are even two casinos with both different features. Those casinos can entertain everyone that may enter those casinos.

Curaçao is an amazing tourist attraction there are so many things to do on this small but yet beautiful island. But in Otrobanda you can always find tourists walking around taking pictures and buying souvenirs for their...