Curfews Good Or Bad?

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Curfews, Good or Bad? In 1996 two teenagers got arrested because they were out at 11:00 p.m. they didn't know why they got arrested. In 1998 the government passed a law saying no teenagers are allowed to be out side, on the street after 10:00 p.m. on week days and 11:00 on Fridays. I know that curfews are a good thing and that they should be in forced for many reasons.

Curfews keep balance to the teenager life because with out sleeping a lot of things can go wrong. For one curfews are good because it keeps you organized in your daily life. Curfews also allow more sleep and you can pay better attention to your teachers in school. A lack of sleep can result in problems like you become very irritable and grumpy easily and its also not good for your health.

Curfews are also a good way to not waist your time because there are better things you can be doing late at night.

Which brings me back to the sleeping issue because you should be sleeping at that time of night. Its also not a good time to be out then because there can be drive by shootings and many other dangerous people out then.

There is also a safety issue like if you are skate boarding you can't see where you are going because its to dark to see at that time. You can easily fall or trip because of the lack of light. Even if it's a full moon you still can't see as well in the day. Coyotes are out that late but they very rarely attack unless they fell pressured or you are getting to close to their den.

Which brings me to my conclusion that no one should be out that...