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Appearance and reality, the difference between what is portrayed and what the truth is. Appearance, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, is one’s outward or external show (Appearance). The exact opposite of reality is defined as the quality or state of being real (Reality). [I claim] Appearance and reality are incorrectly used synonymously with each other because citizens accept appearance as reality. In the past, wars and family disputes have been caused by the confusion of appearance and reality.

A prime example of appearance and reality is the poem “Richard Cory,” in which a man appeared to be quite happy and well off. In reality Richard Cory is extremely depressed and evidently suicidal. He kills himself one fine, summer night by putting a bullet through his head in his study. While this is one leading example of appearance and reality, another is family roles.

Family dynamics are also an exceptional model of appearance versus reality.

“Being a wife is one of the most thankless jobs there is because most people do not understand what we do. Traditionally mothers are wives are supposed to do their jobs without complaint,” states Willow Fuller (Fuller). In many patriarchal religions, such as Christianity and Islam, men are raised to fulfill the position as “head of the house.” Though some men may appear to be the leader in the family, many women tend to “wear the pants” in the family. They decide what dinner will be, what to buy at the market, and fulfill the duty of not only mother and nurturer, but mechanic, plumber, nurse, doctor, chief and cop. In my family, my mother plays the role of both mother and father, doing my father’s “to do list” such as reroofing and insulating garages or repairing gutters. She has multiple, unofficial titles and...