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Part A

Identify each strategy you used recently and then explain in detail when and how you used the strategy. Describe the situation and identify the strategies you used. Present your answers in a list.

Hint: assuming that you lead a normal life, you should be able to identify no less than ten (10) stressful incidences/hassles, which have occurred over a period of six weeks. In your answers, please include examples from different aspects of your life; personal and professional. Below are several examples to help you get started.


(stressful incidences or daily hassles)

Coping strategy

Schedule water rationing due to dried whether

Problem focused coping

Save water and use rain water while raining day

Haze problem and cause of difficult to breathe

Problem focused coping

See the doctor to get some advice and medication.

Doing part time job at night and lack of sleep

Emotion focused coping

Accepting time working hour and if I had free time to take some sleep, mostly on lunch hour.

Price hike on daily meal and other consumer goods

Problem focused coping

Search for alternative option to reduce daily cost like buying food at cheaper stall and buying consumer goods at discount shop.

Car breakdown during financial problems

Problem focused coping

Resolving problems by use money that I've save for wedding preparation.

Poor support/supervision & Conflicts with colleagues

Assertive behavior

Negotiating with colleagues regarding managing conflict on each work task.

Wedding preparation


Read a good book and sometime surf internet. Let's fiancée do all the preparation.

Balance study, life and work

Problem focused coping

Planned daily hassles by priorities, Jot down important activities into calendar.

My mother leave alone, I'm the one who responsibility to take care of her

Cognitive appraisal

Change positive perception...