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Tom closed his door and hopped in to the elevator, Hit the button for the first floor. Then Tom heard a splitting sound. All of the sudden the wire cable to the elevator snapped and Tom fell eleven stories to his death.

Tom woke up at the gates of heaven and saw God staring at him. Tom was crying like a little baby. Tom asked "God to let have another chance at life." God replied, "Why you are to involved in your work any way you don't care about your wife." " My best work flew out the window, "Tom answered "I went to get it and I wasn't able to get back in and I was so scared. Please God I want to see my wife I will never be so careless and I will get my priorities straight I swear." "So if I let you go back to earth you will live a good life and put work last and family first."

"Yes exactly I will put every thing last except you of coarse but work wont be first any more." "Ok but if you mess up you will be right up here with me." Then Tom woke up and started screaming in pain "HELP HELP HELP," then the elevator door opens and the E.M.T's put him on the stretcher. Tom is telling Bob Berie the E.M.T that is working on him to get his wife form the movies.

Bob replies "ok ok I will after we get to the hospital." Tom arrives at the hospital and they take him to the ER. Tom had two broken arms and legs. They said he would be in a body cast for eight to ten weeks. Then Clare ran in weeping in and falls at his bedside. Tom...