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Essay by adones1 September 2006

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Lower gasoline prices

In a sociologist point of view, the people understand that Bush's approval ratings

has significantly gone down due to the waged war on terrorism, gasoline prices, and overall a sluggish economy. The purpose is to persuade the American people, to understand that the United States is moving forward to a prosperous country with enough jobs, economic expansion, and profitability. Unfortunately, the price of gasoline has skyrocketed since the events of hurricanes throughout the United States. Whenever there is an action, there is a reaction. The higher cost of gasoline can affect the products and services society purchases that will make a significant impact to his or her finances. According to the (Lavelle, 2006) "Goldstein believes this is a temporary calm and that world capacity to produce and refine oil is so tight that any geopolitical or industry event could pull up prices again."

Therefore, analysts may conclude that this is a "manipulation" to increase the Bush administration ratings before the elections.

In a different theory, the production of mixtures to gasoline products, have also made an impact to the reduction of refineries in the market. Moreover, individuals can conclude assumptions, theories, or false notions that the Republican party has strategically make believe the American people who are doing something to soften the high gasoline prices. In addition, nobody is certain that the gasoline prices would skyrocket again after the elections but it certainly would not be a surprise.

In conclusion, people must first understand the concepts of why the gasoline prices have gone up or what any type of consumer index that may rise, due to circumstances. The event of hurricane Katrina that made a catastrophic effects in New Orleans, should obviously make an impact to the refineries without question. But if gasoline prices go down...