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Current Market Situation

Market Description

According to an article written by BONNIE MUNDAY from reader's digest, Canada's quick-service restaurant sector rang up $12.3 billion in 2003, and 2004 is expected to be even higher.

However, most fast foods are often sky-high in calories, saturated fat and sodium that can make Canadian fatter, clog arteries and send blood pressure soaring.

The prevalence of obesity in Canada has progressed so rapidly over the last decade that it causes overwhelming public concerns. The proportion of Canadian adults who are obese almost tripled from 5.6% in 1985 to 14.9% by 2000/01, as shown in Table 1 in appendix.

Recently, however, the trend of food intake of Canadian has changed. According to a report done by Statistic Canada in 2003, more fruits are being added to Canadian diets. Though traditional fruits and vegetables are still the main choice, tropical and foreign produce are taking hold.

Cultural and Social Environment

According to a research published in Montreal Gazette on January 4, 2004, the percentage of overweight people in Quebec is 41.2%. [1]

Recent research shows that barely more than 1/3 of consumers avoid high fat foods as much as possible, with speed and convenience highlighted as key influences in deciding what foods to eat. [2]

As the society moves towards embracing low-fat food alternatives, companies that offer low-fat products will earn a certain client base

According to a research published in June 2004 by Alberta government, Canadians have more money, less time, fewer domestic skills and less inclination to devote time to food related chores. As a result there is an increased demand for foods that can be prepared in a short period of time. [3]

Demographic Trends

In Canada, the average number of people per household has continually decreased since 1966. The number of people...