Current Situation in Uganda.

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Blood shed, torture and abuse are the most common three traumas that a child will probably face and is subjected to in the Lord's resistance army at the Gulu district in Northern Uganda. Children of 8 to 17 years old are being abducted and kidnapped by the brutal rebels. The LRA has abducted more than 20,000 children; about 8400 of them have been captured between June, 2002, and June, 2003. The children, boys and girls, are captured on their way to school, playing in the streets or even from their homes. They are deprived of their childhood, playing with other children and enjoying safety and good health. On the other hand, they are being brainwashed by the Lord's resistance army to be child-fighters (The lord's army resists). They have been reprogrammed to see nothing but blood, hatred and death. They think only of dead bodies and killing. They taste nothing but the urine they had to drink from the unbearable thirst.

And they hear nothing but the sounds of moaning, shouting and the gun shots in the bush.

According to the US campaign to stop the use of child soldiers, the number of under aged children who took a part in armed conflicts throughout the world is over 300,000 innocent children. The last decade only witnessed the death of more than two million youth and three times as many had been subjected to injuries and pain during combats.

A lot of national and international efforts have been exerted by the UN, the Sudan and the Ugandan governments, the LRA and the international community. I think the child problem is about to come to an end and finally all the child soldiers will enjoy a prosperous peaceful lives with a smile on their face. As for Kony, he is a...