The Current Trends to Allow More Violence, Sex and Profanity on Television Are Having a Negative Effect on Society.

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Is there any harm in watching television? According to the Parents Television Council (PTC) the average American child watches 28 hours of television a week (Council, Parents Television). With the rise of child related violence, lack of respect and unwanted pregnancies in today's society, it has prompted several groups and organizations to take a closer look at what the source could be. Could it be that the sitcoms, news and reality shows watched on television are the problem? During the 28 hours that the average child watches television, the child is exposed to foul language, explicit violence and several suggestive scenes and commercials. These scenes and commercials viewed on television are used to promote the use of violence, sex and common profanity in children and young adults. The current trends to allow more violence, sex and profanity on television are having a negative effect on society.

The phrase "Monkey see Monkey do" , is a great example of a child's habitual behavior.

It is human nature to mimic the behaviors. Thus, the behavior and actions seen on daily talk shows, weekly sitcoms and adult cartoons must be impacting the viewers. Self help shows demonstrate this very fact that the television is used to teach behaviors. Unfortunately, many of the behaviors taught are unhelpful. Undoubtedly, the continual viewing of violence, sex and profanity is having a negative influence on society. According to a study by the University of Michigan, it demonstrates how big a role the television plays in children's lives. Sixty eight percent of 8-18 year olds have a television in their bedroom and 53% have no rules or restrictions about watching TV (Systems). Children watch cartoons to preteen concerts and see their favorite characters smoking, drinking, involved in violent and sexual situations and other risky behaviors in the shows...