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Today's technology has had a tremendous impact on society. Today's student's can stay awake alot longer and learn in fast and effective ways. Today's educational curriculum must keep up with the current pace so that generations will benefit and continue developing technological innovations.

In this paper I will express my personal views on the various curriculum trends in the next ten years. I will start by reviewing the impact that technology has on our current generation.

Since the introduction of the personal computer and the internet. Great progress has been made in how our children will be able to learn at home independently at home. According to David Thornburg, because the Internet is "doubling in size every year, (and) the web is doubling in size every 90 days (there is need for) a complete rethinking of education" (1999, p.4). Learners will have "technological fluency (to) sit own at a computer and use it as easily as (they) can pick up and read a book in (their) native language" (1999, p.5).

Within ten years from now this will be reality.

The curriculum will require students to become computer literate at a very early age, as well as preschool. I do believe that the computer will develop in ways that will enhance far more than it's doing now. Learners will continue to be exposed to information via internet and television.

Years from now the curriculum will include brain based learning ideas and the steps required to reach learners so that the process is meaningful. "Brain-based" learning will be more than an idea. The learning process has been changing for the past years. Of course, this change will be more evident in the future. According to David Sousa, "yesterday's methods worked well for yesterday's students. But the student brain's of today is quite...