The Curse of the Surveillance Camera

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The Curse of the Surveillance Camera

The invention of surveillance cameras has rapidly bloomed in our society. Today they are being used everywhere from public buildings to private homes to insure security. Security cameras give people a strong sense of protection from the large amount of crimes happening every day. Thanks to surveillance cameras, it has been the key in solving most of today's thefts, murders, and general misconducts. As people began to realize how useful surveillance cameras can be, due to the rapidness of modernization, we now have surveillance cameras that are smaller then the size of a dime. Its main purpose is used for undercover investigations by the police, FBI, or any private investigator. It is a spying device that can record people's actions without them even knowing. It is for this reason that has caused a large amount of problems in society. The average people are getting their hands on these special cameras and are using them for the immoral purposes.

Instead of using them to solve crimes they are using them to commit crimes. The main target is on women who are being secretly filmed by faceless sexual predators.

Privacy is very important to people. That is why we hang curtains in our windows, and have doors for our bedrooms and washrooms. It helps to keep the private things we do away from other people's eyes. Some extremely important things that most people like to keep private is going to the bathroom, changing clothes, taking showers, and making love to their partner. If the privacy for these things were to be violated, it would make anyone feel very uncomfortable and awfully angry. This type of violation of people's privacy is exactly what has been going on with the use of these micro-cameras. A large number...