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Problem Definition and Statement of the Alternatives Curtis automotive hoist's main objectives is growth market share and growth profit. Actually, from 1995 to 1997, Curtis automotive hoist had increased 55 percentages. Since they succeed in US and Canadian hoist market, Curtis automotive hoist wants to try market penetration in US and Market development in European market each other.

Although the rapid growth rate in US, Curtis automotive hoist has faced some problems because most US wholesaler sold a complete product line to service station as well as manufacturing some equipment. It means that CAH's lift is a minor product within the wholesaler's total line. While CAH did not have any figures, Mr. Gagnon who is a CAH's marketing manager think that CAH probably accounted for less than 20% of the total lift sales of US. Moreover CAH's managers felt that US market had unrealized potential.

Curtis automotive hoist has some Alternatives, First of all, (1) Setting up the sales office in New York to service 12 states which are six England states (population over 13million), and the three largest mid-Atlantic states (population of 38 million), and the three largest Midwestern states (population over 32 million).

(2) They had also considered working more closely with the wholesalers to encourage it to "push"� the Curtis automotive hoist.

The other one is that Curtis automotive hoist has faced expansion of the European market as a result of rapid growth of the company. Now, Curtis automotive hoist has no knowledge about Europe market. The potential market of four European Union countries had more than 200 million vehicles in use with Germany having the largest domestic fleet of 41 million vehicles followed in order by Italy, France, and England. Curtis automotive hoist has three investment options: licensing, joint venture, and direct investment.