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Maximizing customer satisfaction and building customer value is very important when building a successful and prosperous retail business today. I would like to research what value is to a customer and how to maximize customer satisfaction. The following information provides background on the proposed project.

Where does competition stand in regards to customer satisfaction?

University of Michigan Business School has relinquished that consumers are becoming dissatisfied with the assistance at grocery stores and mass merchandising retailers. The inclusive status of consumer recompense with mass merchandising businesses along with department, low priced better buy stores and grocery markets. In the last quarter, widespread of all these types of stores customer satisfaction was down 0.5 percent (Supermarket News 2001). Out in front as released are Costco and Wal-Mart, which the two stand above the national average in points of 72 on a spread of 1 to 100 (Supermarket News 2001). The evidence that indicate customer recompense along with several diverse classification has been on a stabilize increase since 1997, corresponding to Claes Fornell, director of the National Quality Research Center at the University of Michigan (Supermarket New 2001).

He says that if the movement to good service has been severed, its too soon to say, but satisfying consumers with the country's good and service continue to be low in 2000 (Supermarket News). Fornell also says that the all around decline in satisfaction shown by the ACSI isn't clever enough to stir top regards with the merchandising industry, but that businesses will want to cut expenses and generate more publicity to gain the acceptance of customers and maintain customer in conditions that are uncertain during economic growth (Supermarket News 2001).

How does training employees coincide with customer service and customer value?

In our research we found that customer satisfaction did coincide with...